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About us

Christensen Kjærulff is a medium sized accounting firm, located in historic settings in the heart of Copenhagen. The company was established by Svend Aage Christensen in 1948, and after several mergers and acquisitions, the company today consists of 12 holders and about 100 employees, who together service over 5,000 clients.

Our clients are primarily small and medium-sized companies and private individuals. Many have been with our company for decades and regard us as a loyal and dedicated partner who plays an essential role in their company’s development.

We engage personally and professionally, investing time and hard work to get to know our clients so that we can provide the best advisory possible. Each day we face new issues but our agenda remains the same – to be the best and closets partner for our clients.

Our company is owned, managed and operated by our partners, all of which are State Authorised Public Accountants. The management consists of a board of directors and a management board.

The Board of Directors are elected by the partners and consists of Iver Haugsted (Chairman), John Mikkelsen, Elan Schapiro, Torben Laurentz Wiberg og Brian Hansen.

Management consists of CEO Anders Ingemann Hansen, who runs the day to day management of the company in accordance with the policies, strategies and plans approved by the partner assembly and the board of directors. Julie Marie Cederholm is Anders’ personal assistant and assists with organizational and business development.

Please contact Anders Ingemann Hansen if you want to hear more about Christensen Kjærulff.