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Accounting and auditing, tax and advisory services are Christensen Kjærulff’s core services. We believe that a close relationship and strong commitment to our clients creates the best foundation for a successful partnership, and we strive to provide all our clients with an attentive and personal service.

We can help you with your finances and provide you with advisory in regards to your business. We can audit your accounts and prepare your annual report. Moreover, we can also help you to consolidate and optimize your business if necessary, whether you are a new entrepreneur or have been in business for many years.

We can just as importantly provide advisory regarding your personal financial position, wherever you are in life and what your needs are. Perhaps you need clarification on how to secure your children, spouse or partner financially. You could also be at that stage in life where you have begun to consider a generational change, to sell your business or need advice in regards to your pension or insurance. We can help you either way, and we can help your employees in all of these matters too. This creates security, both financially and personally.

You are always welcome to contact our Partner and CEO, Torben Laurentz Wiberg, to arrange an informal meeting.