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Business Advisory

Our many years of experience is reflected in the work we do for our clients. We have clients from a wide range of different businesses, and our insights into Danish and international businesses are very broad. Many of our partners have worked with specific areas for many years and can assist with highly specialized advisory in connection with for instance generational change, reconstruction, insolvency and bankruptcy, as well as the acquisition and sale of companies.

We tailor our advisory to your needs and aspirations, which is why we spend a lot of time and energy getting to know your business. Our approach is proactive and we are not afraid to ask critical questions. This is because we engage personally in you and your company and want to see you to reach your full potential.

Since our advisory is based on complicated information, we see it as one of our main tasks to present the material in language you can easily understand. This way you get the full benefits from our collaboration.

Press on the various advisory and counseling services that we provide and gain insight into how we can help you and whom to contact.

  • Transaction Advisory Services

    We have assisted in more than 250 completed transaction cases of small and medium-sized companies, and we have built a structured process assisting from the initial considerations to the final deal.

    We can thus assist with valuation of your business as well as financial and tax due diligence. We also provide advisory services in regards to the sales maturation process, the adaptation of company structure, tax matters, financial reporting and measurements, organization of databases (virtual data room) and execution of vendor due diligence, as well as assisting in the actual acquisition or sale process in relation to tax and financial matters.

    Please contact Torben Laurentz Wiberg or Sven-Erik Vejlby for further information.

  • Reconstruction, Insolvency and Bankruptcy

    For a number of years, Christensen Kjærulff’s partners Elan Schapiro and Sten Lauritzen have gained extensive experience with assistance and advisory regarding reconstruction, insolvency and bankruptcy.

    We have a close collaboration with a number of the country’s most capable lawyers in the area and have been involved in the majority of the major reconstructions that have been carried out in Denmark the last five years.

    A big part of working with reconstruction is to assist the designated reconstructor in providing a fair picture of the company’s ability to survive, so that a decision can be made for the continuation or settlement of the company. In addition, when working with bankruptcy, our primary task is to assist the curator. Here the job often consists of investigations of possible voidable dispositions and reviews of accounting policies as well as tax matters.

    Elan Schapiro and Sten Lauritzen not only work in this area, they also teach other auditors and lawyers.

    If you want to know more, please contact Elan Schapiro.

  • Real Estate

    Acquiring and selling real estate is complicated. We have many clients, who own properties privately, in sole proprietorships and in companies, as well as private individuals, who have invested in K/S’es that own real estate. Some clients own one property while others own larger portfolios of properties. We can advise in detail on all these types of real estate, both about profitability, investment calculations and financing, as well as on VAT and tax matters.

    If you need advice on acquiring or selling real estate, please contact Iver Haugsted or John Mikkelsen.

  • Generational Transition

    Having extensive experience and expertise in generational transition of companies, we can assist and provide advice in regards to the planning and implementation of a successful generational transition, taking into account both VAT and tax issues as well as business, organizational and emotional concerns.

    If you want to know more, please contact Torben Laurentz Wiberg or Elan Schapiro.

  • International Advisory Services

    Christensen Kjærulff are proud members of Nexia International. We have many clients who operate outside Denmark, for whom we advise in relation to international sales, establishing branches or companies, the posting of employees for shorter or longer periods, or acquisitions of companies abroad.

    We have a strong international focus, and we actively participate in conferences and courses with other member firms of Nexia International. The network is not just a list of phone numbers and email addresses; it consists of strong and personal bonds to advisors and specialists from all around the world, who are ready to help our company and our clients.

    Partner Iver Haugsted can advise in regards to foreign accounting matters, and Partners Anders Ingemann Hansen and Elan Schapiro can advise on international tax and tax matters.

  • Financial Advisory Services

    Growth requires liquidity and often more than a company or its owners can provide, and advice on obtaining or placing the liquidity has shown to be very beneficial. The knowledge we have gained from our clients and our network is valuable when advising on financial matters. Our broad experience in small and medium-sized businesses has given us many interfaces with the financial sector.

    If your company needs liquidity for continued growth, please contact Jan M. Jefting or John Mikkelsen to discuss what we can do for you.

  • Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

    When a newly established company sees the light of day, it is often the case that the owners are not acquainted with the formal requirements with running a business. All of our partners are experienced advisors when it comes to starting a business, including choosing business form and company design.

    We have a lot of experience with entrepreneurs, and we want to help them in the best possible way so that they get a successful start. A number of our partners are active advisors in various entrepreneurial environments and have great insight into trending concepts and ideas.

    If you need advice on starting your business, please contact Sven-Erik Vejlby or Kenneth Iversen.