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Copenhagen United

At Christensen Kjærulff, I get the two things that are most important to me when I purchase advisory services: competence and trust.

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen
Entrepreneur & Investor

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen is the man behind the investment fund Copenhagen United, which primarily invests in startups, mainly in Scandinavia. Nicolaj's focus is primarily on early-stage IT companies. He is also a co-founder of Sepior, CodeSealer, Penneo, and Motilitycount.

A collaboration with many years behind it

The collaboration between Nicolaj and Christensen Kjærulff goes back several years. Nicolaj was previously a client at another audit firm with Anders Ingemann Hansen as an auditor. When Anders chose to return to Christensen Kjærulff, Nicolaj followed suit, and ever since, Christensen Kjærulff has been the auditors for both his holding company and a number of the companies in which Nicolaj has invested. Nicolaj states:

"At Christensen Kjærulff, I get the two things that are most important to me when I purchase advisory services: competence and trust. And I know those qualities are present with you, which is why I have been a customer with you for so long."

Competent advice

Just like for most of our clients, we assist Nicolaj with all the basic accounting tasks and prepare annual reports for the companies. In addition, it is especially tax advice that we assist Nicolaj with. With an investment fund like Nicolaj's, he often finds himself in acquisition and merger cases, where he needs advice regarding tax matters.

"In what I do, there's often a lot of money involved, and often other people's money as well. Therefore, it's incredibly important to me that I have competent advisors on the sidelines whom I trust."

Concrete answers to specific questions

In the industry Nicolaj is in, the pace is high, and many decisions are made in a relatively short time. Therefore, it's important that his advisors can keep up and provide the help he needs when he needs it.

"With Anders and his team, I typically get concrete answers to the questions I have. A small question doesn't get blown up into something that I haven't even asked for. That's why I can always trust my auditor. I always know that I receive competent advice at a fair price."


Christensen Kjærulff has a wide network consisting of a large number of financial institutions, lawyers and consultants. Our skilled business partners help to ensure that we can give our customers the best qualified advice.

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