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Auditing & Accounting

Accounting rules, deadlines, and statements can be overwhelming and complicated. We are happy to assist you, wherever and whenever you need it.

With us as your collaborative partner, you are in safe hands. We help you comply with regulations and deadlines. We can conduct an audit of your company's accounts and ensure you receive the type of statement that precisely matches your situation.

When we enter into a collaboration with you, we ensure that you have a team behind you consisting of one of our partners and one or more auditors. Additionally, you will have a dedicated contact person, and you can be completely certain that we take the initiative to gain an in-depth understanding of your company, which we combine with an understanding of the industry you operate in.

With us as your auditor, you get a sparring partner who:

  • Ensures that you adhere to the regulations and deadlines set by the authorities.
  • Is passionate about generating results for your company.
  • Views it as their most important task to ensure that you understand the meaning behind your numbers.
  • Is always ready to assist you with your challenges and identify your opportunities.
Auditing & Accounting


Would you like more information about our services? Contact one of our partners and find out how we can help you and your business.

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Auditing and Accounting
Accounting rules, deadlines, and statements can be overwhelming and complicated. We're here to assist you gladly, wherever and whenever you need it.
Tax & VAT
Taxation and advisory in this regard are one of our core competencies. We cannot avoid addressing taxes, VAT, and duties - regardless of the financial area we provide advice on.
Business service
At Christensen Kjærulff, we have a Business Services team consisting of skilled professionals who are ready to assist you with internal financial management.
We can advise you on the latest digitalization trends and simultaneously assess which solutions would be most beneficial for your company.


Christensen Kjærulff has a wide network consisting of a large number of financial institutions, lawyers and consultants. Our skilled business partners help to ensure that we can give our customers the best qualified advice.

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Nexia International
Christensen Kjærulff is a member of Nexia International, a leading, global network of independent accounting and consulting firms. Please see the Member firm disclaimer for further details.
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RevisorGruppen Danmark
We are a member of RevisorGruppen Danmark, which is an association of independent state-authorized audit firms that must ensure high quality and professional development in the work.