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TestimonialsMilán Belysning

Milán Belysning

Martin Dyhr Jørgensen has given me insight into the finances of my own business that I didn't know existed. I now understand my financial statements and why they appear the way they do.

Milán Belysning
Andreas Milán

Needed more than an auditor

Andreas Milán is the owner and manager of the company Milán Lighting ApS, where he both operates the business and produces his own products. He became a part of Christensen Kjærulff's client base when he met owner and certified public accountant Martin Dyhr Jørgensen at a networking meeting back in 2018.

"An auditor has always been, for me, a regulatory body in a suit, with whom one only communicates once a year. After I got Martin as my auditor, I gained a completely different perspective. Now I have a sparring partner – someone who understands the core of my business and treats me as more than just a set of financial statements."

Automation of the bookkeeping made life easier for Andreas

One of the things that Andreas requested when he entered into cooperation with Christensen Kjærulff was a more manageable bookkeeping process. Here, Martin and his team introduced him to e-conomic and Kontolink, thereby automating a portion of the company's bookkeeping. This meant saying goodbye to all the receipts – and it has been a relief, which has saved him many hours of work and money, points out Andreas.

The COVID-19 lockdown hit the business hard

Milán Lighting ApS, like so many other SMEs, had a tough time during the COVID-19 pandemic. The business's primary source of income comes from public institutions, and with the lockdown, not many invoices could be issued.

"It has been a challenging time, where I've felt like giving up multiple times. However, Martin has managed to push me in a different direction, for which I am very grateful. Martin can see something in the numbers that I can't. He can see solutions and strategies – and that has given me both the hope and the strength to continue working hard for what I'm passionate about, says Andreas, who is starting to see light at the end of the tunnel now that society has reopened."

Communication and an accessible auditor have been crucial

"First and foremost, he always has time to talk to me, and he's really great at explaining the basics to me. He has given me insight into the finances of my own business that I didn't know existed. I actually understand my financial statements now and why they look the way they do."


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