Two accountants look at bookkeeping for a medium-sized company

Business Service

Outsourcing of bookkeeping

Do you think that administration, accounting and payrolls are unmanageable and time-consuming - and would you rather spend your time and energy on what your business was created for? Then you can leave it to our Business Service.

Perhaps you think that your company is too small to have its own accountant or controller employed, or perhaps you need someone who can substitute for your current accountant for a while. Then help is to be found with us.

At Christensen Kjærulff, we have a business service team consisting of skilled employees who are ready to assist you with internal financial management – regardless of size and industry.

Our team can assist with invoicing, all types of bookkeeping tasks, payment of wages and administration of VAT.

In addition, we are also happy to help with tasks such as budgeting, accounting analysis and follow-up, which are typically handled by the accounting manager.

You get the opportunity to draw on a wide range of specialist knowledge, and we are available at any time - for any amount of time.

Two accountants look at bookkeeping for a medium-sized company


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